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Our Simply Pure™ Promise

Simply Pure™ is the core of our entire company. It is the essential idea behind everything we do. Yes, we promise a completely pure product, but Simply Pure™ is also our guarantee that the ideals and principles guiding us are free of impurities as well. You will not find us using kitsch marketing language or sourcing from factory farms. What you will find are people dedicated to doing things right, not doing things easy. Simply Pure™ means a purity of spirit within our company – our intentions, our practices, and our products. We keep it simple to ensure that we have taken every measure that you receive the purest line of essential oils and natural health products to improve your life. This is our way. This is our promise.

Paraben Free

Parabens are a group of synthetically produced preservatives found in many cosmetics and personal care products. They are a cheap way to extend the shelf life of a product. PURELY™ uses natural preservatives - such as Lonicera japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle) - to deliver you better, Simply Pure™ products.

Mineral Oil Free

Mineral oils are a group of colorless, odorless oils that are the by-product of producing gasoline and other petroleum products. They can be found in some cosmetics as a moisturizer, though the benefits are debatable. Of course, PURELY™ products are held to a higher standard and do not contain any mineral oils.

Cruelty Free

Our socially-conscious mission of improving the world also extends to our furry friends. PURELY™ is proud to reject the practices of animal testing in preparing our products.

On the Farm

Extraction Methods

PURELY™ employs stringent industry standards and is serious about best practices for each of our oils. In order to ensure that you receive the absolute best and most effective essential oils, we make sure to use first distillation or cold pressing, depending on the product. This level of quality-first procedure assures the highest available beneficial properties in our oils.

In the Lab

Gas Chromatography:

We use Gas Chromatography to determine the chemical composition of oil compounds. Once the essential oil has been distilled from plant material, we take a sample for testing. The oil sample is heated to a specific temperature in a gas chromatograph machine. Each compound of the oil then vaporizes as it passes through a detector, each at a different rate, and is measured. The results are then analyzed to ensure the quality of each oil.

Mass Spectrometry:

An additional testing method is mass spectrometry (having fun yet?). During mass spectrometry, individual compounds are ionized and sorted by weight to reveal the presence of particular compounds too heavy to be detected by the gas chromatograph (such as pollutants or metals, ewww). This test reveals the purity of an essential oil. Though this method, as well as gas chromatography, we are also able to detect the presence of pesticides and GMOs.

Organoleptic Testing:

Finally, to further test the purity of our oils, our team of experts performs organoleptic testing, which is a fancy way of saying we smell, touch, and taste oils to make sure everything’s up to snuff. While organoleptic testing may not be as technically reliable as mechanical testing, we rely heavily on the expertise of our team and trust their ability to ensure the highest standard attainable for our oils - we have a sense about these things.

Random Batch

Every batch of PURELY™ products is tested using random selection procedures at random selecting stages during the processing. These random batch tests provide quality assurance that must agree and confirm with the previous performed tests as outlined above.