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PURELY™ has an exciting opportunity for you in direct sales. We are committed to helping you change your life while making the world better and healthier. We are here to assist you in making your home-based business a success.

We are confident that your decision to join us will make ground breaking changes in your life as well as in the lives of those around you.

We invite you to join us and become a member of our growing family of independent advisors.

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As an Advisor, you also get to take advantage of Pure Perks!

For more information about the Pure Perks program, please see the Pure Perks flyers for full details.

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The PURELY™ Enrollment Kit $169

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With a retail value of over $700, PURELY's Enrollment Kit contains everything you need to launch your business and hold your first five parties. You get our ten most popular essential oils in full-size 10 mL bottles along with twenty roller-bottle samples of even more essential oils. A complete set of PURELY™ Party Cards + Dice Game will make your first parties a breeze while making sure your guests have fun! Equipped with a full supply of marketing materials your business is ready to make a difference.

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Step 1 of 2: Start with a plan

When you start your business with a plan, you set the foundation for success. Here at PURELY™ we want you to have the best start possible and that means having a launch party plus four other hosts ready to go in your first sixty days. These five parties are going to be the building blocks that start your business.

When is your Launch Party?
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Party Two
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Party Three
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